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Sizes Round
15′, 18′, 21′, 24′, 27′

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The Java above ground pool updates a classic with cool-toned colours and Corona striped pattern that combines and shines as ultra-modern. The hybrid combination of steel uprights with metallic finish & the Synflex resin injection-molded top ledges & foot covers offers this pool the highest quality in manufacturing & visual style.

Resin top ledge & stabilizer, curved to offer a perfect look

Resin ledge cover

6″ steel upright with metallic finish

Resin bottom rail & foot cover

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  • How about a big billboard sign on the highway, with our smiling faces, and our testimonial!Thank you so much from the Walker household, the service from Waterbee was first class, installation was prompt, and we feel great about our purchase..

    - Bill and Kathy Walker

  • Great family run business. Prompt service. Set up and service was amazing. Highly recommended!

    - Arley Hutchins

  • We just had our new hot tub delivered. The delivery guys were great. Thank you for the bag full of swag! Cant wait to use it !

    - Carolann Cooper Wonsch

  • Well stocked show room and knowledgeable staff

    - Isidor Fujs

  • Very good service and well priced products

    - Ryan Bonnevie

  • Super bowl was awesome thanks to our new hot tub! How did we do without it! Thanks Waterbee Pools for excellent service!

    - Sue Harvey Merritt

Save up to 30% on Pools!
Offer Ends Jan 31