Shopping Selection for Pickup Orders

Here’s a little list to help you think of things you might need to stock up on to get you through this unusual “spring break”

Hot Tub WaterCare Chemicals

  • Test Strips – 50 pack – for chlorine
  • “Extra” – chlorine sanitizer tablets
  • Oxy Pro – granular oxidizer – 1kg size
  • Oxy Pro – granular oxidizer – 2kg size
  • Quick 100 – granular chlorine sanitizer – 900g size
  • Bromine – sanitizer tablets – 700g size
  • Bromine – sanitizer tablets – 1.5 kg size
  • Test Strips – 50 pack – for bromine
  • Easy Brome – granular bromine sanitizer
  • Spa2 – granular oxidizer – 800g size
  • Spa2 – granular oxidizer – 2.5kg size
  • Spa Zap – chlorine based shock – single pouch
  • Spa Zap – chlorine based shock – box of 12 pouches
  • pH Plus – 500g size
  • pH Plus – 1kg size
  • Alkalinity Plus – 500g size
  • Alkalinity Plus – 1kg size –
  • Filter Cleaner
  • SkinSilk – 400g size
  • SkinSilk – 800g size –
  • Enzymes
  • Stain Protect
  • Flush
  • Foam Out
  • Clarifier
  • Tub Clean
  • Cover Clean

Replacement Filter Cartridges

  • Hydropool Self Clean – long, blue, microban, removable core
  • Hydropool Self Clean – long, white, for older tubs
  • Hydropool Serenity – short, blue, microban, removable core
  • Hydropool Serenity – short, white, for older tubs

Other Hot Tub items

  • Zorbie – surface skimming absorber (“orange sponge”)
  • Filter Cleaning Canister
  • Dream Scents aromatherapy

Pool WaterCare Products

  • Test Strips – 50pk
  • Liquid Chlorine – in white, pre-filled, recyclable (not refillable) jugs
  • Yellow jug Chlorine Refill w/ jug exchange
  • Stain Prevent
  • Algi Pro 60
  • Algi Pro 40
  • End Algae 40
  • End Algae 15 – 1L
  • End Algae 15 – 4L
  • pH Plus
  • Alkalinity Plus – 8kg
  • Alkalinity Plus – 4kg
  • Alkalinity Plus – 2kg
  • Calcium Plus – 4kg
  • Calcium Plus – 8kg
  • Stabilizer (granular) – 1.8kg
  • Stabilizer (granular) – 900g
  • Stabilizer (tablets)
  • Salt One
  • Salt Cell Saver (cell cleaning solution)
  • AquaFoot chlorine tablets (with zinc)
  • Maxi Pucks chlorine tablets
  • Filter Cleaner
  • (3-in-one weekly tablets – algaecide/filter cleaner/liquid solar
  • Metaban
  • Action Cubes (clarifier & phosphate remover)
  • Klear Sok (clarifier in small blue pouch)
  • Salt
  • Filter Sand

This was just a starter list to tide us all over for now. More items may be added soon, or I may end up turning this into an easier to use order form if we will be doing this for a while. But for now, if you don’t see what you need, just ask when you email or text and I’ll let you know the proper pricing and order total.

How to Order:

To place an order for pickup, send list of requested items & pickup time by email to or phone during store hours 519.736.2806

We will reply with your total, which you can then pay using your online banking by sending an email money transfer to (or phoning in a credit card number during store hours)

*Regarding Water Testing*

We are trying to reduce all person-to-person contact as much as possible right now, and that includes test bottles, so let’s all try to hold off on any unnecessary water tests for the next little while. However – we certainly don’t want anyone in improperly sanitized water! (especially during a health scare like this, when a strong immune system is so important) So, please USE THOSE TEST STRIPS!! If your test strips are showing you good results, you should be fine without needing us to double-check your testing at this time. We aren’t stopping testing services completely – we will still test your water to help you solve the mystery if you’re having inexplicable issues. But please understand our testing services – as well as your trips out of your house – need to be highly minimized at this time for everyone’s safety. No “just because” tests, and no “save you money on test strips” tests. If the issue is that you don’t have test strips, please order some. Proper water balance and sanitation is very important. If you don’t know how to read your test strips, please ask us – we’ll be happy to help you learn the proper ranges to check for. If your test strips read within our recommended ranges and you’ve tried running longer filter cycles and you’re still having water issues, we’re happy as always to help you try to figure out the problem with our more accurate testing. You may drop off a labeled sample bottle with pool size, description of the problem, with your name, and either email, text or phone contact info, we will test your water and get back in touch with you with results/instructions.

Pool Water Testing for Opening

Please definitely hold off on requesting pool water tests until your pool has already been opened and filter running for at least 3 days first Water balance will likely not test accurately before that!

Until your water has been properly circulated for a few days, I would recommend not trusting test strip results yet for things like alkalinity, pH, stabilizer or salt. They will often show incorrect readings before the water is well circulated, so you’re likely to add unnecessary product if testing too soon.

The best approach is to start it up, let it run for a couple of days, then use your test strips to see if the pH & Alkalinity need to be adjusted. This is especially important if you use a winter cover that lets water pass through. Add Alkalinity Plus or pH Plus if necessary to get it properly balanced, then add liquid chlorine to shock it.

If you have a salt system, please understand that most systems won’t operate until the water temperature is up above 70 degrees, so there is no need to worry about adding salt or turning on your machine until then, you’ll just have to supplement with regular chlorine until the water warms up.

If you do plan to shock a pool before letting it fully circulate and testing your pH & Alkalinity, you should be adding a Stain Prevent first and letting that circulate before adding your chlorine. This is especially important if you use a winter cover that lets water pass through, as it usually makes the water much more acidic and more prone to potential metal staining when shocking.

A simple rule of thumb for how much chlorine to add when opening depends on the appearance of the water: If the water is perfectly clear when you open it, you would use one or two jugs depending on pool size. If the water is cloudy when you open it, use two jugs. If there is any green, use 3 or more jugs, depending on how green and how large the pool. You must use the 3 jugs all at the same time, not one at a time. Then the day after you use the chlorine, you would add a concentrated algaecide – use Algae Pro 60 if it was very green.