• 6 Person Hot Tub

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6 Person Hot Tub

  • 6600 Serenity Hot Tub

    Serenity 6600 6

    The Serentiy 6600 is a small but spacious spa, with 2 captain seats and 4 Massage Zones.


  • 6800 Serenity Hot Tub

    Serenity 6800 6

    The Senerity 6800 is a spacious 6 person hot tub with 4 deep captain seats perfect for entertaining.


  • 670 Self Cleaning Hot Tub

    Signature Self Cleaning 670 6

    The Signature 670 Hot tub has a comfortable long lounger and a great leg massage so you can stretch out.


  • 695 Self Cleaning Hot Tub

    Signature Self Cleaning 695 6

    The Signature 695 Hot tub with a large foot well, s-shaped immersion lounger and a great leg massage.


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For those who have a larger family, are inclined to entertain, and have the space in their backyard for a larger installation, 6 person hot tubs provide the ideal balance of features and options. They allow for both solitary use and group gatherings while granting access to all the advantages and accessories found in the largest hot tub models on the market. Hot tubs can be used for pleasure and relaxation while also being used for more serious purposes such as mitigation of pain related to disease, injury or overexertion. Benefiting physical and mental health is what hot tubs do best.

Jet Propulsion Technology

What distinguishes a hot tub from your everyday bathtub is jet propulsion technology. And Hydropool has been at the forefront of this field for over 40 years. With the three main components of hot tub massage being composed of water jets, pumps, and plumbing, Hydropool has led the industry by treating them as a combined entity. With stronger pumps, higher flow plumbing and innovative water jets, Hydropool has become a trusted brand name with an impeccable reputation around the world. When it comes to top-of-the-line spas, Hydropool is a name that has always been recognized.

Physical Benefits of the Hot Tub

Hot tubs play an integral role in hydrotherapy treatments prescribed by doctors, physiotherapists and other healthcare workers looking out for their patients. These practices initially intended for medical subjects and professional athletes, have since grown in scope to be commonly used by people. With the advent of zone seating providing a varied circuit of body massage techniques, 6 person hot tubs provide a wide array of curative procedures which target all areas of the body. For those who suffer from pain due to overexertion, injury or disease, a hot tub can be part of an overall therapy program to help reduce physical discomfort.

Mental Benefits of the Hot Tub

Not only can a hot tub provide relief from physical pain, but it can also play an important role in alleviating mental distress. Spending time soaking in warm, massaging water is not only physically pleasurable, it can increase the production of hormones that provide mental refreshment. Whether using the hot tub alone to achieve a meditative state or sharing it with others in a socially engaging atmosphere, hot tubs promote relaxation, diversion, and peace of mind.

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