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9 Person Hot Tub

  • 970 Self Cleaning Hot Tub

    Signature Self Cleaning 970 9

    9 person hot tub and is one of the industry's largest and most luxurious Hot Tubs.


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When looking for a top of the line soaking experience with plenty of space, all the accessories and the utmost in versatility, Hydropool’s 9 person hot tub is the most distinguished unit available. Bathers have access to the widest array of massage combinations with the largest user capacity available. Just as functional for a single person as it is for a large crowd, the 9 person hot tub provides the most flexibility when it comes to a luxury soaking experience. For both physical and mental rejuvenation, the 9 person hot tub will fit everybody’s needs.

Innovative Technology

Hydropool has a 40+ year history of being at the forefront of innovative hot tub technology. By focusing on a unique method of analysis when it comes to water propulsion, Hydropool has been able to combine the 3 main components of water massage into a concise science. By creating efficient, large volume pumps with high flow plumbing systems and strong, stable water jets, Hydropool boasts industry leading flow rates and water pressures. The 9 person hot tubs, combined with zone seating, give users the full range of massage performance in the comfort of a single unit.

Physical Benefits

Hot tubs have long been used by medical and professional healthcare workers as part of an overall therapeutic program to relieve pain, promote healing and improve physical wellbeing in patients. The physical properties of water, including buoyancy, heat transmission and pressurized massage are ideal for reducing inflammation, increasing recuperative blood flow and producing pain relieving hormones. For those suffering from pain due to overexertion, injury or disease, a hot tub can be an integral part of a hydrotherapy program. The 9 person hot tub provides the widest array of options when it comes to pain alleviation and massage.

Mental Benefits

Hot tubs are well known for their ability to benefit the wellbeing of the mind as well as the body. Whether used in solitude as a method of relaxation and meditation or socially as an environment for bonding with family and friends, the hot tub offers a diverse array of options that allows the user to spark joy and create pleasurable moments in their lives. The 9 person hot tub provides ample space for singles, small groups or larger gatherings to relax, enjoy and improve the mental health of everyone involved.

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