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Hydropool’s reputation for innovation and improvement continued strong into 2020, as the Serenity lineup got a complete redesign!
As of 2022 we now have eight great new models, with great standard features!

Super-stylish new design, featuring the (strongest in the industry) Edgewater shell, with a new WeatherSeal cabinet on a new unibody frame
New Moon Lighting & new AquaBlade Waterfall cascading fountains create a whole new ambiance
New ClearSpring filter system with 2-stage filtration efficiently skims a much wider surface area than most
New headrest and safety step cushioning
More jets than before
and more!

Don’t worry though, they’re still keeping the design features that Serenity owners have been fans of for years.

Standard Massage Features
Hydropool Serenity hot tubs are ergonomically designed to provide you with a variety of massage and hydrotherapy benefits. Designed with the expertise of physiotherapists and osteopaths, these spas were created to fully enhance your health and wellness.

Their advanced hydrotherapy options provide extensive therapeutic and relaxation benefits and each and every spa is built to provide full-body support and comfort. A variety of jet types are positioned to target specific body areas and muscle groups strategically. This focused therapy helps maximize the reduction of tension and helps soothe the parts of you that need it most.  You can get a multitude of massage experiences in one session simply by moving around to different zones. Customize the flow and feel of the massage intensity to your perfect comfort level both with an air control or by adjusting any individual jet, all with a simple turn of your hand.

Optional Massage Features
You also have the option to customize your hot tub with an additional massage experience called HydroFlex Air Therapy. This adds additional jets that give a different type of massage therapy using up to 10,000 tiny bubbles of heated air. These jets will be mostly concentrated in the legs of the reclining lounge seat, if your model has one, otherwise in the thigh area of the corner seats. The jets are small but the effect is big- personally, I find them powerfully invigorating after a long day on my feet.

Serenity hot tubs come in a variety of sizes and seating layouts designed to comfortably suit your needs – whether you prefer relaxing alone or sharing your time with company, we have a model ideal for two or up to six people.

The unique HydroWise Thermal Shield Insulation system and Evergreen pumps make a Hydropool Serenity one of the most efficient hot tubs in the world – keeping things toasty warm without breaking the bank.

Waterbee always tries to keep a good variety of model choices in stock, but if none of them happens to be a love connection, you also have the option to create your own perfectly customized Serenity experience. Hydropool’s hot tubs can be custom-ordered with additional massage, convenience and comfort features, in a variety of colour combinations to make sure your new hot tub really matches your style.

Experience Serenity every day – Contact us to request a brochure and set up an appointment time to – visit Waterbee’s showroom to view our selection in person.

You can also learn more at Hydropool’s own website/a>.

What Our Customers Have To Say

  • How about a big billboard sign on the highway, with our smiling faces, and our testimonial! Thank you so much from the Walker household, the service from Waterbee was first class, installation was prompt, and we feel great about our purchase..

    - Bill and Kathy Walker

  • Great family run business. Prompt service. Set up and service was amazing. Highly recommended!

    - Arley Hutchins

  • We just had our new hot tub delivered. The delivery guys were great. Thank you for the bag full of swag! Cant wait to use it !

    - Carolann Cooper Wonsch

  • Well stocked show room and knowledgeable staff

    - Isidor Fujs

  • Very good service and well priced products

    - Ryan Bonnevie

  • Super bowl was awesome thanks to our new hot tub! How did we do without it! Thanks Waterbee Pools for excellent service!

    - Sue Harvey Merritt

Save up to $4,867 on Hot Tub Orders!
Offer Ends Jan 31