Pickup Order Instructions

Don’t worry, everyone! Waterbee can still keep you stocked on hot tub chemicals & supplies even if you’d prefer to avoid in-store shopping.

Here’s how to place a pickup order, using our contactless, pick up method:

To Place an Order for Pickup…

  1. Contact us before your visit with a list of what products you need. You can do this by email to our order coordinator melissa @ waterbee.com or by texting 226.774.6354 or phoning the store during business hours 519-736-2806
  2. We will get back to you as soon as possible with your total
  3. Pay for your order in advance using one of the following choices of contactless payment method: Either send an email transfer through your online banking using the email address payments @ waterbee.com or phone in a visa or mastercard number to the store 519.736.2806
  4. Let us know the approximate time that you’d like to be picking up your order
  5. Our personal shopping staff will pack up your order and place it outside before your pickup eta.
  6. Come and pick up your order 🙂

Easy, simple, and – most importantly – safe for everyone. 🙂

IMPORTANT NOTE: Orders will only be filled during our current store hours. If you order after hours, or on Sundays, unless we inform you otherwise, your order won’t be ready for pickup until the following day.

If your pickup schedule has changed dramatically from the original eta you gave us, just let us know so it doesn’t sit outside unattended for too long.

Feel free to send us a quick text when you’re here for your pickup, especially if you’ve ordered something heavy and need us to help load it in to the trunk for you.

Here is a link to a helpful list of frequently-used products to reference when you’re placing your order.

Thank you for helping us keep everyone healthy during these unusual conditions.

We really appreciate your cooperation and your loyalty.