Waterbee Pools offers a great selection of the highest quality above ground pool kits & do-it-yourself packages.

Waterbee provides a very limited number of installations each year.
**We are currently fully booked and aren’t taking any more installation projects at this time.**

Premium upgraded installation service packages are also available, offering our exclusive Self-Cleaning above ground pool that features an upgraded filtration & plumbing design for those who would appreciate a cleaner, higher-quality, energy-efficient, more maintenance-free swimming experience.

We can customize any of our packages with additional options such as salt chlorine generator systems, lights, steps, etc. to help you create your ideal backyard retreat.

Our installation features are unique and we only offer a limited number of installations each year. We also only stock our pool kit supply once per year, so when a model/size is out of stock it remains that way until the following year.

*Not all above ground pool installations are the same*

There are noticeable differences between pool installations, so it can be a regrettable decision to choose your installer based exclusively on who has the lowest price.

Make sure you’re not comparing apples to oranges…
& make sure you’re determining detailed total long-term value

a Premium Installation by Waterbee includes:

• Site visit to locate pool & survey the site
• Excavate site for pool & haul away soil
(site must be free from any obstructions & within approx. 6” of level, otherwise additional charges may apply)
• Deliver all materials to job site
• Set & level patio stones for each upright, as well as construct pool track – this ensures a level pool
• Install ground cloth underlay as well as pool cove transition strip – this creates a more stable bottom for pool liner
• Deliver and place mason sand in pool location
• Compact & hand trowel mason sand base in pool – this creates a smooth bottom surface
• Install Floor Filtration Cleaning System that will circulate pool water more quickly & efficiently
Similar to what is sometimes referred to as Self Cleaning, or Main Drain systems, we include this in every installation now as it was our most requested feature because the benefits are so valuable:

 Reduce required pool vacuuming chores
 Reduce chemical usage & maintenance tasks
 Reduce energy costs
 Heat pool quicker & reduce heating cost
 Capability of draining pool quickly and more efficiently for winterizing
 Allows for quicker & easier service of pool equipment if required

• Install complete pool kit, uprights, top rails, pool walls & vinyl liner
• Return to job site once pool has been filled with water to complete install of pool wall skimmer, suction & water return
• Set pool pump & filter up on provided patio stone & completely plumb the pool equipment
• Pool equipment will be plumbed with flexible 1.5” PVC plumbing using various valves & plumbing unions to ensure easy disconnect off all equipment when winterizing or servicing
• Supply insulating solar cover as well as supply Smart Drain winter cover & winterizing materials for pool (winter cover may require wait until fall depending on stock)
• Provide a complete show & tell instruction session on the operations of the maintenance products & filtration equipment

Why do we do things differently? Because it is the better way.
We have been installing pools for 40 years and our experience makes a difference in the finished result.
We want to proudly stand behind our work as we represent a noticeably higher quality pool.
Also, we are loyal to our customers and aim to provide service to what we sell. We’d rather provide a better product & service it less.

The items included in our install packages were chosen as they provide true value – whether they will save you time and effort in every season, or will provide extra convenience or comfort, or save you money on water care products & energy efficiency – everything has been specially chosen to be included for a good reason.
We can customize any of our packages with options such as heaters, salt chlorine generator systems, lights, etc. to help you create your ideal backyard retreat.

Visit us in store today to discuss the available options and book your installation.

Save now and pay later with a financing payment plan! More info and application pre-approval here:
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Waterbee provides a very limited number of installations each year.
We are currently fully booked and aren’t taking any more installation projects at this time.