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When you want to bring your friends or family together and have fun, an AquaSport swimspa is the perfect place to do it. Sit back, relax, share conversation, and let your stress melt away with the therapeutic massage jets. Enjoy less strain on your body while staying healthy with a refreshing aquatic exercise program. Swim spas are proven to deliver physical, mental, and emotional therapeutic benefits to enhance your life.

Waterbee is dedicated to selling only the highest quality swimspas with the customizable options that will perfectly fit your lifestyle.

The AquaSport features advanced core stream swim jets which are elongated to widen the stream and reduce turbulence for a better swimming experience. In addition, a central buoyancy jet makes a great warm-up and helps you fight fatigue.

One hugely important factor in swimspa maintenance is filtration. Water quality is never a problem with the advanced filtration technology of the Self Clean filtration system featured on a Hydropool AquaSport, ensuring that 100% of your water gets completely filtered and sanitized in only 45 minutes. This saves you maintenance time, effort, chemicals AND money with the most energy efficient filtration system in the world.

With six different model layouts in sizes from 12 to 19 feet long, you are certain to find the right one for your needs. Various features and options are also available as additions to enhance your enjoyment.

Visit our showroom today to view our display models, discuss available features and get a customized quote.

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  • How about a big billboard sign on the highway, with our smiling faces, and our testimonial! Thank you so much from the Walker household, the service from Waterbee was first class, installation was prompt, and we feel great about our purchase..

    - Bill and Kathy Walker

  • Great family run business. Prompt service. Set up and service was amazing. Highly recommended!

    - Arley Hutchins

  • We just had our new hot tub delivered. The delivery guys were great. Thank you for the bag full of swag! Cant wait to use it !

    - Carolann Cooper Wonsch

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  • Super bowl was awesome thanks to our new hot tub! How did we do without it! Thanks Waterbee Pools for excellent service!

    - Sue Harvey Merritt

Save up to $12,000 on Swim Spa Orders!
Offer Ends Jan 31