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Imagine a private, spa-quality vacation in your own backyard every day…
When you want to bring your friends or family together and have fun, a hot tub is the perfect place to do it. Sit back, relax, share conversation, and let your stress melt away. Hot tubs are proven to deliver physical, mental, and emotional therapeutic benefits to enhance your life.

Browse through some of the various ergonomic seating layouts on the Self Clean or Serenity model pages located below, or contact us with some details about what you’re looking for, to see if we have display models in stock for you to come visit our showroom to see them in person.

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Hydropool Self Cleaning Hot Tubs

The world’s most efficient hot tub.

Self-Cleaning Hot Tubs

Serenity Hot Tubs

A step above the rest.

Serenity Hot Tubs

Waterbee is dedicated to selling only the highest quality hot tubs with the individualized options that will perfectly fit your lifestyle.

We are proud to be Essex County’s exclusive dealer for Hydropool Self-Cleaning & Serenity Hot Tubs!

With our three distinctive lines and highly knowledgeable customer service team, you are certain to find the right hot tub for your needs.
The best research is done in person in our showroom, where you can sit in the display models yourself, and see first hand the Canadian-made quality that goes into the innovative design, construction and finish of these beautiful hot tubs. You can also compare the sizes, layouts and colours side by side to get a true vision of how it will fit your needs.

Visit our showroom once it’s re-stocked with display models to see the quality manufacturing and unique features for yourself. We can’t wait to get started and help you design your perfect hydrotherapy experience.

Save now and pay later with a financing payment plan! More info and application pre-approval here:
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Why Hydropool? What makes Hydropool the best?

There are actually lots of reasons we feel make Hydropool the best hot tub choice on the market today, but here are a few of our favourites:

Hydropool takes energy efficiency seriously, saving you time and money without sacrificing quality, to ensure the effective hydrotherapy massage benefits and clean, clear & safe water that you expect for your family in the most economical way possible. They are ranked in the top 3 in the world for stand by wattage and energy efficiency.
Their Self Clean filtration system is the most thorough, effective and is truly the most energy efficient filtration system in the world. The skimmer and floor vacuum combination, linked with a pressurized filtration system ensures that 100 % of the water in your hot tub is filtered through your 75 square foot dual core microfilter every 15 minutes! On top of that, this process is being done using a special dedicated Evergreen high flow/low energy filtration pump that is 26% more energy efficient than the competition. (That process takes 12 to 20 times longer in any other hot tub)

Their Hydrowise Thermal Shield insulation system is intelligently designed from years of practical experimentation with other systems in order to maximize all available heat sources while still providing support and full access to plumbing. This reduces energy use and costs tremendously, saving you even more money.

The science of the perfect therapeutic massage design:
There are three main components to the perfect massage: pumps, plumbing, and jets. Hydropool believes that to truly understand the science of the perfect massage, all three components need to be looked at as one single entity to produce the best massage. Hydrotherapy is about flow rate (gallons per minute – GPM) and optimum pressure, not horse power (HP).
Evergreen Pumps:
Designed to produce the most efficient flow rate in the industry
Hydropool Pump impellers have wider, deeper blades, allowing them to produce a large volume of water
Hydropool Self-Cleaning Hot Tubs: 180 GPM at 18 PSI versus the competition with 100 GPM at 12 PSI
Pump return is positioned at 12 o’clock optimizing centrifugal force
High Flow Plumbing:
Hydropool achieved BEP (Best Efficiency Point) in the plumbing of every hot tub
Balanced Flow Rate: 2″ plumbing throughout entire hot tub; manifold-style plumbing
Decreased Flow Distance: distance from suction to pump and from pump to jets; two large suctions and pumps
Hydropool is 26% more efficient than the competitors with its pumps
HydroFlow Shaft Style Jets:
Optimized flow design produce the best flow rates
The next generation fluidity jet sets: a series of non-bearing jets that ensure trouble-free operation of your hot tub
Bearingless design increases the life of the jets
Depending on the age of the hot tub, the coefficient of friction is between 40-100% better
Our jets eliminate chemical corrosion of jet casings, bearing failures and clogging, as well as deliver the superior benefits of hydrotherapy
Our adjustable, high-volume hydrotherapy jetting system paired with our professionally designed Wellness Guide puts Hydropool well ahead in the spa industry for therapeutic effect.
Our exclusively-designed zoned jetting delivers a balanced, soothing massage and the desired rejuvenation and hot tub experience. With a variety of jet styles featuring enhanced efforts such as steady, waving, pulsating, single or dual streams, etc, all with adjustable flow rates and further customizable with diverters and air control, you are sure to get the PERFECT massage in a Hydropool hot tub.

Browse through some of the various ergonomic seating layouts on the Self Clean or Serenity model pages located above, or check with us to arrange a time to come visit our showroom to see them all in person!

Save now and pay later with a financing payment plan! More info and application pre-approval here:
Financing Preapproval

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  • How about a big billboard sign on the highway, with our smiling faces, and our testimonial! Thank you so much from the Walker household, the service from Waterbee was first class, installation was prompt, and we feel great about our purchase..

    - Bill and Kathy Walker

  • Great family run business. Prompt service. Set up and service was amazing. Highly recommended!

    - Arley Hutchins

  • We just had our new hot tub delivered. The delivery guys were great. Thank you for the bag full of swag! Cant wait to use it !

    - Carolann Cooper Wonsch

  • Well stocked show room and knowledgeable staff

    - Isidor Fujs

  • Very good service and well priced products

    - Ryan Bonnevie

  • Super bowl was awesome thanks to our new hot tub! How did we do without it! Thanks Waterbee Pools for excellent service!

    - Sue Harvey Merritt

Save up to $4,867 on Hot Tub Orders!
Offer Ends Jan 31