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Save up to $12,000 on a Swim Spa!
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A swim spa is a multi-purpose relaxation, refreshment & exercise center ideal for everyone from casual swimmers to competitive athletes.
From fitness to pleasure, the superior design of a Hydropool swim spa provides the perfect swim and meets all your other needs as well, and does it 365 days per year.

A Hydropool self-cleaning swim spa is the best of both worlds…it is the ideal way to provide your family with the luxurious relaxation and massage of a hot tub AND the refreshment and fitness benefits of a large swimming pool combined. All this is conveniently available all year round, right in the comfort and privacy of your own backyard.

Most importantly, it is always at your ideal temperature, ALL YEAR ROUND. It not only provides a relaxing retreat without the expense of a vacation, but it also offers a unique, extremely effective and joint-friendly method of staying fit without having to go to the gym. It is an investment in YOU and your family’s health and well-being. Plus, it packs all these benefits in a neat, energy-efficient and space-conscious package, leaving you with plenty of room to enjoy more of your yard.

The advanced technology of Hydropool’s exclusive Self Clean filtration system ensures that 100% of your water gets cleaned and sanitized every 45 minutes, and does so using the most energy-efficient filtration system in the world. This saves you not only time & effort but also chemicals & money.

Come visit our showroom to see our running display model in action. We can show you all the different models and features and options available and help you determine the right choice for your needs.

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Hydropool AquaSport

Provides a fun-filled, affordable swimming experience for you and your family all year round.


Hydropool AquaTrainer

Provides the best swimming experience and superior performance for swimmers and competitive athletes.


Hydropool Executive Series

Provides a better volume, less turbulent and more predictable, fantastic and challenging swim year-round.

Executive Series

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  • How about a big billboard sign on the highway, with our smiling faces, and our testimonial! Thank you so much from the Walker household, the service from Waterbee was first class, installation was prompt, and we feel great about our purchase..

    - Bill and Kathy Walker

  • Great family run business. Prompt service. Set up and service was amazing. Highly recommended!

    - Arley Hutchins

  • We just had our new hot tub delivered. The delivery guys were great. Thank you for the bag full of swag! Cant wait to use it !

    - Carolann Cooper Wonsch

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    - Isidor Fujs

  • Very good service and well priced products

    - Ryan Bonnevie

  • Super bowl was awesome thanks to our new hot tub! How did we do without it! Thanks Waterbee Pools for excellent service!

    - Sue Harvey Merritt

Save up to $12,000 on a Swim Spa!
Offer Ends Jun 30