• Services

Our service staff is very small but highly skilled so they are always in-demand.

We believe that customer loyalty matters, so for pools or hot tubs we have originally installed, those customers are generally offered our full line of priority services, including Opening & Closing pools, winterizing hot tubs, liner replacements, repair service calls, etc.

New customers are offered sales and installation of new, high-quality equipment such as:

  • Hot Tubs
  • Swim Spas
  • Above Ground Pools
  • Circulation/filtration systems (replacement pumps and filters)
  • Pool Heaters
  • Salt water chlorine generator systems
  • Safety Covers
  • Hot Tub Covers

We do our best to tend to service needs that our loyal customers might require as soon as we are able, but patience in these matters is a necessity during seasonal busy periods.

For the handy, do-it-yourself type, we also stock or can often order replacement parts for products that we sell or have sold in the past. Please try to bring your existing parts into the store to have them matched up for replacement.

Notable among our services is our in-store water chemistry analysis and education on water care & maintenance, which is currently provided at no charge for those who purchase their supplies here.