• Holiday Break

    Wishing all of our loyal customers a very merry christmas and happy new year as we settle down for a long winter’s nap. Tomorrow will be our last day open before the holiday break, the store will re-open on January 2nd. Thanks for a wonderful year! […]

  • Before Closing Your Pool…

    If you’re thinking about closing your pool soon, it’s a good idea to test your water balance in advance so that you have time to circulate any necessary adjusting products before the closing date. So use your test strips to check your pH & alkalinity levels and raise them if necessary. At closing, we prefer […]

  • General Swimming Pool Maintenance

    General Maintenance Guidelines to follow to keep your pool water clean & clear: For best results, run pump and filter 24 hours a day; the more you filter and circulate your pool water the less chemicals you will require and you will be less likely to experience water quality problems. Adjust return jets downwards at […]