Water Testing for Pool Opening

Water Testing for Pool Opening:
Swimming season is almost here! Just a reminder to those of you getting ready to open your pool soon, to remember to start up your pump and circulate that pool water for a few days first, before bringing in your water sample, so we can get accurate test results for you.
You should make sure your water is balanced properly before shocking with chlorine in the spring. But if you’re too anxious and really can’t wait to add that chlorine, then at least circulate a bottle of Meta Stain Prevent first, to prevent any bad mineral staining effects from shocking really acidic water. This is especially important if your winter cover is the type that lets water pass through over the winter, and/or if your pool has a heater.
Meta Stain Prevent is an improved version of our old Stain Prevent, that now will also help clear up your water with enzymes and remove phosphates to help prevent algae growth.
Just a helpful reminder out to all those early birds getting things opened up for the upcoming warm days of the season.
Now bring on that Sunshine! 🙂

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